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Naya group trading company creates contacts worldwide between producers and buyers. - Our specialty is getting the best prices for commodities such as beef, chicken, lamb, sugar, oil, corn, different meals, honey, wheat, coffee, rice, fruits and vegetables, beans, different minerals and many more products.

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- All our purchasing is done first-hand. - Our clients enjoy quality products that are being checked and controlled all the way from production until reaching the buyers.

- Our clients enjoy years of experience and professionally All containers are under the strict control of SGS.

More words about Naya

Naya group offers its products to countries, international companies and state armies. We offer fair and transparent trade which companies and entities choose to purchase our company's products understand that the purchasing is done first-hand. All our products are under the strict control of SGS testing. SGS is a company that checks the quality of the products and complies with the agreement signed by the parties


Phone: + 1 754 207 89 63

Email :info@nayacommodities.com

5090 Richmond Ave suit 106 Houston TX 77056

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