Our Affiliate Program

How can I start working with Naya?

I you are a broker or a trader or anyone that has contacts with buyers that might be interested in any of our commodities, we offer you to connect us with buyers for a generous commission from the deal.

BCL (bank confirmation letter)

It is crucial for the deal to happen for you and as an intermediary to proof that the company you represent has the ability to pay. For this you will need to present us with a BCL (bank confirmation letter) for this this specific deal from you buyer showing that there are enough funds to make the deal happen. This is one of the most important parts of the deal – and you should be taking this into consideration from the moment you contact your buyer.

How do I start?

It’s easy, you contact your buyer and get an LOI (Letter of intent) – this is a document that states all the buyer’s conditions including: product, amount, technical specifications, landing port, packaging, quantity, contract period, terms of payment (ex. 30% at purchase order 70% before shipping) etc…

We need to receive all the information in order to give an accurate price offer FCO (full corporate offer).

How do you calculate my commission?

Because we are dealing with many different commodities and prices in the market change, after receiving the LOI we will be giving you a price offer.

Here there are two options to work with us:

  1. On top of that price we will discuss and add your commission (if it’s too low you wouldn’t be pleased – and we don’t want that, if too high chances that the buyer will not approve the price). The buyer will get a formal price offer including your commission.
  2. You can give the buyer our price offer without your part and make a deal with the buyer to receive the commission from there.

How do I know that you wouldn’t contact the buyer and leave me out of the picture?

The answer is simple: NCNDA (Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure Agreement) this is a legal document stating that Naya cannot go over your head and do business with this client without you getting your commissions.

You can download a sample here.

How and when do I get payed?

Once the funds are cleared in Naya’s bank you should present us with an invoice and we’ll make the transfer within 30 days.

It is also important to mention that the agreement with Naya is valid for one year (you will be paid commission for one year from the moment the transfers start).


In order of us to close the deal it is crucial that Naya will have direct contact with the buyer – this is for several reasons:
– Only the buyer knows exactly what he needs and small details that can be crucial for the deal and price of the products can be “misunderstood” by the different intermediaries.
– Naya needs to check the buyer’s actual ability to pay – bank accounts and credit for such a deal.
– It is your responsibility to make sure that the buyer approves all the conditions, sings the contract and sends us the BCL.

Common Questions

The buyer can order one sample container (it will be for the full price).

All the registration numbers and plant permissions exist. They will be given to the buyer only after proving his ability to pay at the time of contract. This is done for the obvious reasons that we do not want other people connection with our plants.

We cannot share the name of our clients for obvious reasons. But we can assure that all products that we send are under the strict control and approval of the SGS that both check the quality and the order-conditions before any container goes out. Please see sgs.com.

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Only before shipping we can send you this info. SGS will also go this.

Your agreement is through Naya, you sign the NCNDA and this will assure you that we’ll pay you and not do business with the clients without you getting paid.

Things usually go wrong when the trader do not want to share that details of the client this could be because he is not talking to the actual buyer but to another trader (sometimes he doesn’t know it).

Your goal should be one – get an LOI from the final customer if possible, including documents that approve that they have the abilities to pay.

  1. After you sign a NCNDA and present the buyers details you will present us with an LOI from your buyer (including all the buyer’s details) in order to receive a quote for one of our products.
  2. We give you the price offer (SCO – Soft Corporate Offer).
  3. The buyer will approve the SCO + add any comments + send us a BCL (Bank Confirmation Letter – showing that the buyer can actually pay) this is your job as an intermediary to take care off.
  4. We will send the buyer an FCO (Full Corporate Offer).
  5. Buyer will approve all the conditions on the FCO.
  6. We send an ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order).
  7. Buyer approves.
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